Holiday savings: Save money shopping online

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Save money on holiday gifts by shopping online

Used judiciously, discount codes – those short strings of numbers and letters retailers make available to their customers to qualify them for various discounts – ??n dramatically cut online holiday shopping costs. But to get the most bang for your family’s Internet shopping buck, you need to understand the fine art of online shopping.

Tips to stay in control of your family’s online holiday shopping experience


Check for savings codes

Always check for a coupon or promotional code online before checking out. Finding a discount code website through your favorite search engine only takes a few seconds and could save your family anything from free shipping to 50 percent off or more.

2Compare prices

If you know the exact product you want to buy, it pays to visit several online retailers to compare prices. Some websites can help shoppers find the best price by providing a list of online stores in a particular category.

3Use a credit card

Credit card information security is a top concern when shopping online. In general, it is far safer to use a credit card than a debit card. Most debit cards do not offer the same level of protection as a credit card does when making an online purchase.

4Review carefully before checking out

Always take time to review the final checkout screen. Be sure to confirm that your order reflects the correct items, quantities and pricing before you click “submit.”

5Protect your privacy

One of the most important steps in online shopping is how to find websites that are safe and secure. It’s important to keep your personal information out of the hands of identity theft predators. Be sure to read the site’s privacy policy on information sharing, and don’t unintentionally opt-in to having your information shared with third parties.

6Sideline sales tax

Some merchants are required to collect sales taxes in your state, while others may not be. It can save you money to check several online retailers if the merchant you are about to purchase from wants to charge sales tax.

7Consider coupons

If you are an eBay shopper, be sure to check promotional discount code sites for an eBay coupon, especially if you make purchases through PayPal. Sometimes eBay issues coupons that are valid for purchases made on their site with PayPal. This is especially true near the holidays.

8Beware of shipping and handling fees

Pay close attention to shipping charges. Some retailers make up for their “low” prices by padding the shipping fees, so be sure you are getting the lowest possible overall price.

More ways to save with online shopping

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