How to Get Good Student Discounts on Car Insurance

Getting good student discounts on car insurance depends on a few factors. Following is some advice on lowering auto insurance rates for young drivers.

Young drivers typically have some of the highest auto insurance premium rates. There are some ways to lower the costs of coverage, and for those do well in school and keep clean driving records, good student driver discounts can be earned to lower payment costs. Following is some advice on how to get good student discounts on car insurance.

Young Drivers and Car Insurance

Younger drivers, especially teens, often have hard times saving money on car insurance. The younger and fresher a driver is, the likelier he or she is to make mistakes, the auto insurance agencies generally believe, and, on top of that, young drivers are more likely to drive carelessly and over the speed limit. Agencies take this into account when assigning rates to particular drivers.

With even the smallest incident (like a speeding ticket), a teen driver’s rates are likely to skyrocket, and even younger drivers who maintain a clean record are still hard pressed to find even moderate premium rates. However, a clean record, paired with good grades can lead to significant cuts on rates.

Good Student Discounts on Car Insurance

Generally, auto insurance agencies have certain requirements for any teen or younger drivers seeking discounts. Various companies have different requirements, but generally, if a driver is a full time student and is under the age of 25, a clean record paired with good grades can mean large discounts on car insurance.

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    Good grades usually means at least a 3.0 average (B average or higher in the classroom, in high school or in college), but other top performances, like doing well on college prep tests, and getting on the dean’s list or staying within the top 10% or 20% of the student body, grade-wise, can help influence companies to offer coverage discounts. Good student discounts may cut rates by up to 15%.

    How to Get Good Student Driver Discounts on Car Insurance

    To see if you or your young driver qualifies for good student driver discounts on car insurance, visit any agency’s website, give any coverage company a call, or talk to you insurance provider. Talk about your (or your young driver’s) specific situation, and see how much can be saved. If the record is clean, and good grades, good test scores, and impressive standings in the classroom are all maintained, rates for coverage can be cut significantly, as agencies see responsibility in the classroom as an indication of responsibility on the road.
    To find out how to find the best discounts, it may be necessary to shop around. Even if you have a multiple car policy, great savings on a young driver’s rates may make it worth switching to a different auto insurance provider.

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